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Baja el cartel en español

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UPDATE: Important Victory with DOJ but the Fight Continues with ICE!

Great news, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has dropped the prosecution against Francisco! This means Franciso is no longer facing prison time and an unjust criminal reentry charge. Now, it’s up to us to double-down on our efforts and get ICE to end its harassment of Francisco Aguirre and his family.

With your help, more than a hundred organizations signed support letters, thousands of individuals signed petitions, and cities around the country held rallies and vigils demanding that the charges be dropped. This is an important victory in his case and we hope that it will serve as an example for the DOJ to stop prosecuting refugees escaping violence.

We are now launching the second phase of the campaign. Please sign and share the petition demanding that ICE allow Francisco to present his strong refugee claims to an immigration judge and stop terrorizing this family!


  1. To DOJ: Drop the Charges Against Francisco
  2. To DHS/White House: Grant TPS to Central American refugees like Moises so others
    aren’t returned to their deaths
  3. To DHS/DOJ: Stop referring for prosecution/prosecuting Central Americans for
    fleeing violence